70% of Agriculture Job Seekers Expect Salary Details in Job Postings, Yet Pay is Not Most Important When Considering a Job Offer, finds AgHires' Survey 

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In the ever-changing agricultural job market, understanding job-seeker behavior and candidate preferences is pivotal in remaining competitive and attracting top talent.

AgHires recently surveyed over 700 employees throughout the agriculture industry to provide you with invaluable insights to fine-tune your hiring approach and meet the expectations and needs of today’s candidates. 

Did you know that compensation and benefits are NOT within the top 5 factors candidates find important when considering a job offer? However, 70% of job seekers say they are more likely to apply when salary information is included in the posting. Interesting, right? Including a salary range, even if it's a large range, will give you a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. 

Curious about what may turn off a candidate during the hiring process? Not hearing back after applying or interviewing is ranked as the #1 frustration by our respondents. Keeping communication open can help keep quality candidates interested in your company for longer.

Not only are these results packed with key insights on what job seekers want, but our report includes tips and advice from our team of ag recruitment experts, so you can understand how to use these statistics to successfully attract and retain talent to your ag organization. Fill out the form to get your FREE copy of the AgHires Strategic Hiring Report. 

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AgHires Agriculture Job Seeker Survey Report